Jake Drew Racing ( Karting 2010 )Irvine, CA – (June 29th, 2010)

(Day one)
Second class up was the Courtney Concepts Rookie Sportsman and Zane Smith grabbed the Screaming Eagle with a fast time of 49.479. In the Prefinal the battle upfront was with the top four karts. There were several lead changes with the top four all taking their turn at the lead. As the checkered flew Jake Drew was the winner and would start pole for the Final. The green flag was waving for the start of the Main and five drivers pulled away in a hurry. Once again the top five all took their turns at leading. Parker Thompson worked his way up after a Qualifying DQ and was able to take his turn at the lead. As laps wound down Davey Manthei was the driver leading the pack and was doing a good job keeping the rest of the drivers at bay. Last turn Zane Smith dove to the inside of Manthei with the two rubbing tires heavily. This slowed the two and allowed Colton Herta to outrun both drivers to the line for the win and the IKF Duffy. Manthei came home second with Smith, Thompson and Jake Drew finishing the top five.

(Day two)
Jr 1 Comer sponsored by Pitts Performance was on track and Colton Herta grabbed the Screaming Eagle with a quick lap of 50.336. Herta was quick in the heat race but on the last lap coming to the checkered flag, the top three karts of Herta, Parker Thompson and Zane Smith all made contact sending Herta off track and Thompson the win. Herta would have to start from the back for the Final and Jake Drew inherited the pole starting position. From the drop of the green it was apparent the race would have several karts in the running for the Duffy. The lead pack had seven karts all in tow with many lead changes. Around halfway Davey Manthei took over the lead and began to show his strength. While all the racing was going on no one seemed to notice the drive put in by Day One’s Duffy winner Colton Herta. Herta started 21st on the field. Herta broke into the top ten by lap 9 and with six laps to go he was running fourth. Once he caught the leaders the young pilot backed off and ran with the leaders pace which it was believed the driver was saving his tires. When the white flag flew Herta pulled the trigger on Brenden Baker for third. In the final Turn Parker Thompson dove to the inside of Manthei. The two went side-by-side drag racing to the line. As they touched they lost a bit of momentum and this allowed Herta to join the race to the line. With video and three sets of eyes it was still too close to call. Scoring rewarded the Duffy to Colton Herta by .006 over Thompson. Manthei came home third with Brenden Baker and Jake Drew capping off the podium.

(Day three)
First up was the Tony Kart West Jr. 1 KPV and Zane Smith grabbed his third Screaming Eagle of the weekend with a fast time of 48.982. In the heat race Smith jumped out to a huge lead early and continued throughout the race. With the green flag waving to begin the 18 lap final, Smith immediately tried to jump out to a big lead, however this time Colton Herta was in position to stay with him and the two sped away. Herta stayed perfectly content with running second for the entire race while the train of 8 karts all battled for the third position. As laps wound down the question was when Herta was going to pull the trigger and make the pass on Smith to go to the top spot. The white flag was in the air and Smith hit his marks to perfection to pull a two kart length gap over Herta to win another Duffy. Herta stayed second with Christian Brooks winning the race for third followed by Jake Drew and Brenden Baker.

(Day four)
The Kartel Motorsports Jr. 1 Comer took to the track and Parker Thompson grabbed the Screaming Eagle and fast time with a 50.209. In the heat Race Colton Herta and Curt Paul Jumped out to an early lead. Paul made a mistake and got fed to the wolves fighting for second and dropped back. Herta got the win with Thompson second for the front row in the Main and Jake Drew finished fourth but was DQd for an airbox hole that was too big. On the start of the Final Herta jumped out once again with Paul on his tail after getting through traffic. The two worked together to pull away from the field. With 6 laps to go Herta had spindle issues causing him to drive off the track. Jake Drew started 22nd and got up to passing Zane Smith for 7th when Smith knocked Drew off the track and spun him out. This allowed Curt Paul to pull away to an uncontested victory and his first IKF Duffy. Parker Thompson was second with Zane Smith winning the battle for third. Blaine Rocha and Davey Manthei Jr. were the rest of the top five. After getting knocked off, Drew reentered the track in 20th and finished 10th in the event.

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